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Add a Primary Contact

A primary contact is useful to have listed as it lets us know who to contact with anythign regarding your site. We have records that keep track of the person listed as an account contact, but sometimes things change within the chorus and we may not be informed. To make sure we always know who to reach out to, you can fill out the primary contact information.

To change the primary contact, follow these steps:

Navigate to: Settings & Admin > Site settings > Site Info

Edit the Primary contact fields, and click save.





Meet the Capitol City Chorus

Established in 1945, The Capitol City Chorus was and is Central Ohio’s original barbershop singing organization. For more than six decades the chorus has entertained audiences with a variety of a cappella music sung in the four-part barbershop style and served up with plenty of humor that is always G-rated and family friendly.

Over the years, the chorus has had several personalities: contest competitor, host to an international convention, producer of excellent barbershop shows, and most recently, Monday evening destination for senior men who love to sing.