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Adding Contacts

Contacts can be used to keep the information of people who you wish to hold correspondence with, such as supporters, fans, or prospective candidates. Contacts do not have any access to the site, so this is not an account - just a list of contact information.

You can either:


  • add contacts individually
  • import a list of contacts

Adding an individual contact

Navigate to the Communication Area menu item, and click the “Contacts” option. On this page, there will be a link in the top right corner that says "Add Contact". Click it.

From here, you can fill out all the fields you wish with your contacts’ information, such as Name, Company Name, Relationship, and you can separate them into different Contact lists.

Click “Save” and you’ve added the contact!



If you want to be able to reach this member with a mailing list, make sure you add them to a contact list. Mailing lists are assigned by contact lists, so if a contact isn't placed on a list, they cannot receive any emails.


Importing multiple contacts at once

Importing instructions can be found here.



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