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Adding Paypal buttons to your public site

Sometime you may want to add a paypal button to your site, allowing people to purchase items directly through paypal, rather than using our simple store.

This works well for larger registrations where they may need to select from a variety of options, and you don't want them to miss a step. 


You can follow the instrucitons on this paypal page to learn how to get paypal buttons.

Then, copy the button code, and navigate to the page wher eyou want to embed it.  This is usually going to be a basic or featured page you've created.

Edit the page, then go to the text area. To embed the button code, click the "source" button. This opens up the raw txt html. Past in your html code for your button. Then click the source button again.  This will show a small image verison of the button. You can add text above and below it.

Save the page.


Pro tip:

Need to resize the button? Highlight over the picture, and select the image button. Then use the image property options to set the image size. You can use a percentage so that the button re-sizes on mobile devices. 20% usually works well.