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Advice: Blocks

Looking for some advice on blocks?

Here's a quick breakdown of the standard blocks available for use on the dashboard of your members only site.
None of these blocks are directly editable - they all display information that is created elsewhere in the site.

General Info blocks

Book: Book Navigation - Displays links to the main document headings in the documents area.
Members: Who's New - displays the most recently added users (max of 5).
Members: Who's Online - displays the users that are currently logged into the site.
Events: Calendar - displays a calendar with clickable dates when there is an event taking place.
Image galleries: Recent - Displays the latest galleries added to the site.
View: Forums: Recent Discussions block - shows the 10 most recent discussion board topics that a user has permission to see
View: Forums: Recent Discussions titles - shows the 5 most recent discussion board topics
Groupanizer mail: Recent mail: Works with the new email system - not yet released. Do not worry if you don't see this block listed yet.
Members Only Blog: Recent members only blogs - Displays the last 5 Members Only Blog posts (will not include public site blogs) that a user is invited to view. Number of posts displayed can be configured by editing the block.
Core: Recent comments - displays recent comments made within the site. This includes replies to discussion board topics, as well as songs and blog posts.
Core: Recent content - Displays recently added content within the site. Does not include learning records, or other private material such as invoices.
Members: Upcoming Birthdays - displays the next 5 upcoming birthdays.
Blog: Recent Blog Posts - shows the 10 most recent blog post titles - This is a public site piece of content.

Specialty Blocks

Poll: Most Recent Poll - displays the most recently activated poll. Allows users to answer from within the block. displays poll results after poll question is answered.
Events: Featured Events - displays events check-marked as "featured" and "public" - this block is typically used on a public site.
Events: Upcoming Events - displays the next 10 upcoming events.
Events: Next 10 Special Events - displays the next 10 "non-rehearsal" events in your calendar
Programs: Next Rehearsal Program -  displays the program for the next rehearsal in your calendar (you need to be invited to the event)
Programs: Next Performance Program - displays the program for the next performance in your calendar (you need to be invited to the event)

User-Specific Blocks

Invoices: my Invoices Block - displays invoices that have been assigned to you.
My Tasks - Displays tasks that have been assigned to you.
Attendance: My Attendance - Displays the attendance plan for the next 5 events that you have been invited to. You can make changes from this block.
Music: My Music to Learn - Displays the songs that you have been invited to learn, and your current status for them. If you have been approved for a song, it is removed from this block.
Any blocks created by site admins are displayed as "Custom: Block title"


Different blocks may be available if you have a public site with us. Keep in mind that these blocks are designed for displaying on your public site theme, so they may not appear the same internally.
Some of  these blocks are "smart blocks" - meaning they are not directly editable, and instead display content that is created elsewhere in the site.
Public site blocks can vary per theme.
Buzz blocks - These display "buzz" items for ensembles (smart block)
News blocks - These blocks display public site "news" items (also called "blogs") (smart block)
Featured events - The version of this block used on the public site displays events that are marked as public and featured. There are "horizontal" and "vertical" versions that can be used depending on the theme. (smart block)
Links block - displays "link" content items (smart block)
Our location - A free-form text block used for displaying location information.
About us (centum theme) - a custom block with special formatting included in the demo text that is used for formatting. More information is available on the Centum theme setup page. 
Public site blocks are configured on the "blocks" page available in settings and admin. They are placed in "regions" in your public site theme. The specific theme setup pages show common configurations for each theme.