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Communication via Groupanizer: What are my options?

The "communicate" section of your members only site is useful for reaching out to your members, fans and patrons.

You can use the Members Only Blogs to write to your members and keep a log of it within the site. Blogs are useful for telling a story about your ensemble. Directors often find them helpful in debriefing the chorus after rehearsal. They can appear in a block on the main page, or you can select to mail them out as well. You also have control who can write blogs by assigning the "MOBlog Admin" role, so that others can take over the job if needed.

Discussion Boards and Mailing Lists are a great place to foster discussion, and to make sure everyone stays up to date on events, notices, and other important information. Mailing lists can be set up for intra-member communication, or they can also be utilized to reach out to fans, patrons, and former members.

Want to ask your membership a quick question? You can use Polls to post a single, multiple-choice question that can appear on your dashboard automatically. Users are also sent a notification each time you create a new poll.

Looking for something more robust with more questions and question styles? You'll want to create a webform/survey

Are you looking for an easier way to send a newsletter? Auto messages helps you send an automatic email on a selected day that aggregates information from within the site - tailor made for your members using a selection of blocks. You can gently remind your members of songs to learn, tasks assigned, and the latest blog posts without ever having to click a button.



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