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How to: Add documents / book pages

Documents are created using the content type "Book Page". Book pages can exist in two ways: as a book, or as a child page.
Books act as the main page, and provide the over-arching title. Child pages exist within books.
You can also think of it like this:
Book = Folder
Child page = File

Where to find Documents

You can find the documents area in the main menu in the section labeled "More". Admins can also find documents in the "Communications area"

Adding a New Document

When you're adding a new document, you will be turning a book page, into a book.
Click on the "add new book" link in the top right hand corner (when on the documents page). This will open a page where you can choose a title and include written information in the notes section, or add attachments farther down.
Below the title is a collapsed heading called "Book outline" - by default it will be set to <create a new book> - this will add the page as it's own heading - creating a new "book". If you want to add it to a book that already exists (making it a "child page" of that book)  change this setting so that it's set to be added to one of the books listed in the dropdown.
You will also be provided with some options to change the menu title of the book, but in most cases you won't need to change it. The weight is used to change where the book will appear in the list. By default they are alphabetical by title. A lower number (the lowest being -10) will place the book closer the top of the list. A higher number (the highest being 10) will place the book closer to the bottom of the list.
When you're finished, remember to click save.
You will receive a confirmation message, and the page will refresh to show you the document you created.

Adding a Child Page

There are two ways to add a child page: via the "+ Add a page to this book" link on the document page, the "Add a child age" button when viewing a book, or via the same "add a new book" link listed above and changing the book outline.
+ Add a page to this book
This page will automatically change the book outline to the relevant book. You can simply fill out the form, and click save.
After clicking save, you will receive a confirmation message, and when you navigate back to the main documents area, your new child page will appear within your book.


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