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How to: Add music

While keeping your music organized within categories, the music storage system can also track the abilities of your members regarding certain songs, as well as copyright information for that song.


There are two ways to add music to the site:

  • A single song - a good method if updating your repertoire list
  • Multiple songs at once - a good method for loading all of your current repertoire

Adding a Single Song

Navigate to the music section of the site

The music library can be found by going to: Music Area > Music library

Fill in the song information

There are sections for adding notes or embedding videos, setting up music learning preferences, attaching sheet music and audio files, and keeping track of library information. Choose a category by which to organize the song on the music libray page. You can also fill in the arrangement and copyright information to help keep track of your licences.

Expand the "Attachments" heading by clicking on it to add sheet music and learning tracks. You can upload files to be attached to a song either individually, or, you can attach many files at once to a piece of music using the "file attach option". You can read more about it here.

Music Assignment - If you do not invite a role (typically member) to view a song (or learn it) it will only be visible to administrators. Only roles with permission to view music can see a song even if invited to view a particular song. For Candidates, you will need to give them the add on role "Music Viewing" in order for them to see a song they have been invited to view or learn. Inviting a role to view a song gives them permission to see it and it's attachments. inviting a role to elarn a song creates music learning records where statuses can be tracked.

Notifications will be sent upon saving the page if you select to send them now.

When you’re done, make sure you click the save button at the bottom of the page.


Want to add multiple songs at once? Try importing music.

It’s important to note that this method require files to be added to the songs in a separate step.


Edit or delete a music entry

Need to edit a song? Click ont he song's title, and then click the "edit" tab along the top left, near the title of the song. This will open the edit screen where you can make changes, upload more tracks, or delete the entry. Remember to scroll to the bottom of the screen to save your changes, or click the "delete" button.




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