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How to: Create a task list

Here's how you can help keep your projects organized using a task list!
There are two parts to creating a functional task list:
  • creating a task list
  • adding tasks

Creating a task list


Navigate to the main tasks list page via: Main menu > Managment Area > Projects and Task lists
Click "Add Task List" on the top right side of your screen.
Fill in your basic information for the task list:
  • Give your task list a title. it should represent the entire project you're working on.
  • Choose an owner for the project. This would be the main person in charge of the project. This doe not mean that they will be responsible for completing all the tasks.
  • Include any other necessary information in this field. 
  • Remember to save your changes.
After you've saved the page, you will be shown the completed task list page, with a green confirmation message.

Adding tasks

Navigate to the tasks page for your task list. You'll want to go back to the main task list page and then click on the title of the task list you just created.
You'll then want to click on "Add Task" on the top right hand side of your screen.
Add information about the task:
  • Give your task a title. it should be something simple and straightforward. 
  • Choose the owner of your task. This is not the person who completes the task - but is the person who is notified when the task is completed.
  • Choose the task assignee. This is the person responsible for completing the task. It will appear on their "Tasks: tab of their account page, and in the "My Tasks" block if you are using it on the dashboard, or in your weekly update.
  • Enter the date by which the task should be completed.
  • Enter any extra information about this task.
  • Select the status of the task. There are three options: Not started, Working on it, and Completed. When you're creating your tasks, chances are they would all be set to "not started".
  • Remember to save!
After saving the task, you should reach a screen that looks like the photo below. If you click on the "breadcrumb" for your task list on the left of your screen, you'll be taken back to your main page for your task list.
On this screen, you can see your list of tasks.
Here's an example of what it might look like after you've added more tasks to your task list:


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