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Logging In

Because your Members Only site holds so much important information, we make sure it’s as protected as possible. As such, you’ll need to login before being able to access anything.

Logging In

You’ll want to first make sure you’re on the right site.

If you have a public site with us, the URL may look something like “”.

If you have only a members only site with us, your URL may look something like “”

Make sure that your username matches what you received in your invitation email. It’s usually “firstname.lastname”, or “Firstname Lastname”. You can also use the email address that is linked to your account.

Then input your password, and click [log in].


Need to change your password? You can do this by going to your “my account” page, and then clicking “edit”. Just input what you would like your new password to be, enter it in the confirmation box again, and then click [save].

Note: You'll need to enter your old password to allow the change.

Having Trouble?

Can’t get into the site? Double-check you’re typing the the right password, and that you’re using the right username. If everything looks correct, but still isn’t working, you can click “request a new password”, or you may want to contact your site admin.

Didn’t receive a login invitation email? You’ll need to contact your site admin.


Are you a site admin and your members are having trouble?
You can check the system logs to see what might be happening.



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