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Notifying New Users - Send a login invitation

If you’ve added members one by one and have decided not to notify them right away, or if you imported a user list, you’ll need to notify your new users before can login.



Via the Members Page

Navigate to: "Members" in the main menu

Click to on the rows to select the users you want to send an invitation to. The row will highlight a pale yellow when selected. Click it again to deselect the row. you can "select all" using the button at the top.  When users are selected, the "Actions" button will become active and clickable. Clcik it, and then select "send login invitation". Follow the onscreen instructions to compelte the sending of the invitations.



This will send a system generated email to your user, inviting them to the site, and will provide them with a one-time login link where they can reset their password.

An example of this email would look like this:



The first link provided is the one-time login link.

The second link is the link members can use to login once they have reset their password.



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