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By default, music leanring records are assigned to checkers at random within their same voice part.

On the Music learning settings page you can let members select their own checker, or - with the help of the new "Checker assignment" page - you can select the assigned checker for each member.


Music area > Checker assignment

Note: "Checkers" are those with the "music leanring admin" role.

Navigate to: Music area > Recording Assessment
From here, you can use the filters at the top of the page to search for specific people, voice parts, or songs. Although the filters will automatically look for songs int he checking state (set on the features setting spage for music learning) you can change the filters to include more states, as well as checkmark to only show records with recordings attached.
You can also click on the column headings to sort the records that are listed.

In order to populate the "my music" page, music must be assigned to user roles.

Music can be assigned in two ways:

  • Invite a role to view a song
  • Invite a role to learn a song


You can only choose one setting for each song. You can assign everyone to learn it, or everyone to view it. You cannot assign some roles to learn, and some roles to view.

Members do not have access to the "music area" - and therefore cannot access the "music library". 

While keeping your music organized within categories, the music storage system can also track the abilities of your members regarding certain songs, as well as copyright information for that song. Need to edit a song? That info is here, too!


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