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Articles for Site Admins

This help page covers setting up the google recaptcha module, which is used to help protect your public site from spam comments on public posts.

You will need the "Site Admin" role in order to complete these steps.


Enable the Google reCAPTCHA fetaure

Navigate to:  Settings & admin > feature selection

At the very bottom of the list, checkmark the box next to "google recaptcha" and then press save. If there's any delays with enabling the module, refresh the browser.

By default, music leanring records are assigned to checkers at random within their same voice part.

On the Music learning settings page you can let members select their own checker, or - with the help of the new "Checker assignment" page - you can select the assigned checker for each member.


Music area > Checker assignment

Note: "Checkers" are those with the "music leanring admin" role.

Riser placements can be linked to a event. These riser placements will display the attendance plans for the attendees of the event they're attached to.

Navigate to the event for which you'd like to create the riser placement and click the "add a riser placement button".
Note: You do not need to be on the edit page.

When the link appears for a new riser placement, click on it, to be taken to the riser placement for your selected song. Then click "edit".

This feature is enabled automatically on new sites, but needs to be enabled on sites that have been set up before October 2017. You can learn how to enable it below.


The advisor module is a replacement for the current notifications system. The main purpose of this module is to allow for more control over who notifications are sent to, and a reduction in the number of notification emails that are sent to users. Things to note:


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