Attention! This is the old support site.

New and updated articles along with many other helpful links can be found on our NEW SUPPORT SITE located at


That site has moved!

Why am I seeing this page?

If you're seeing this page, the URL of the site you tried to reach is still pointing to the old Groupanizer/Choir Genius hosting environment. Almost a thousand web sites were moved successfully and their domains redirected, but apparently this one was not!

Can I still get to this site right now?

Yes you can! All sites have been moved, and the ones we couldn't reach were hosted at a temporary URL, in the domain. So if this site is "", you will be able to reach it by entering "" into your browser URL bar. (To be clear, don't use "awesomechorus" really, that doesn't exist. Use your own site name.)

How do I fix this longer-term?

Easy, you have two choices:

  1. Point your nameservers at cloudflare, so we can manage this for you in the future. Nameservers are: and Let us know if you do this, by sending mail to [email protected].
  2. Keep your domain hosted where it is, but make a CNAME record for your top level domain that points to If this sounded like Greek to you, please see Option 1.

Are there any other consequences of this?

Yes, until the domain is adjusted, the email function for this site will not work. So if you use that (very popular) email function, you'll want to get this done as soon as possible.

Other fun background information

Honesty, the last thing we wanted to do was force a thousand customers to have to adjust their DNS. Unfortunately, we were forced to do so when our old provider announced that they were changing business models, and we no longer fit there. That was six weeks ago, and it's been quite a whirlwind, but the migration was extremely successful!

In fact there are a few major improvements that you'll realize because of this change:

  1. All sites are running under HTTPS now, meaning traffic is securely encrypted for better security. Bonus!
  2. Because this move also forced us to upgrade everyone's email system, your email is way better. It's got spam filtering, open and click tracking, etc. Awesome sauce.
  3. We moved everyone to the world's biggest cloud provider, Amazon Web Services. There is no more stable hosting environment on the planet, and that means you'll have very high uptime and a faster, more reliable customer experience.

Thanks for reading, and "good singing" to you and yours!

Best regards,
Tom Metzger, CEO