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How to: Write a Members Only Blog post

Looking to post information to your members? Want the option of having it just within the site, or to email it out?
Here's how!

Go to the main MOBlog page:  Communicate > Members only blog

Click the "Add Members Only Blog" link in the submenu on the right-hand side of your screen.

Fill in the information.

Title - Give your blog post a title. pick something short and to the point - although something catchy doesn't hurt, either!
Body - Write your post in the body area. You don't need to worry about editing the summary, but you can if you'd like to choose the shortened version of your blog post that appear in the available MOBlog block. 
Send notifications now checkbox - Checkmark this box if you'd like to send a notification to members about this MOBlog post. You can send this notification later if  you edit the blog, checkmark this box, and save it again.
Save button - Remember to save your changes. Clickign this with the notifications checkbox makred will send the notifications to Members.

After the update on June 22nd:

The title of this feature will be switched to "Member Blogs"

It will be located in:

  • Shared group area > Member blogs  (for regular members)
  • Communicate Area > Member blogs (same view, but this is available to admins)

There will be a field for Invited roles. This allows you to tag blog posts for specific subgroups.

Notifications will then be sent (if the checkbox is checked) to those invited roles.

Blogs only appear for users if they are part of an invited role.


Want to know which block to use to have your blog show up on your dashboard or your weekly update? Click here.



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